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Welcome to the official site for our alliance - Eutopia.

We are newly-established and currently recruiting for closed beta.

Come and help us make Eutopia great!
Eutopia News

To all applicants and members!

EutopiaAlliance, Dec 4, 10 6:19 AM.
I'm sorry I haven't been on lately, studies suck.

To all the applicants, all applications are approved, please leave your character's name in forums under the topic (Applicant names) and tell us when you will be online, so we can find and invite you!

And to all members and future members, we are getting vent in a few short days, in time for open beta :D!
So, be excited!!

Also, don't forget to contribute to any alliance master to help us get to level 2 guild! It should give you a list of all items accepted, it's in the quest's available of the alliance master.

Remember, stay ACTIVE!!

Eutopia Promo Video

EutopiaAlliance, Nov 29, 10 10:43 PM.
This isn't the real one, just a taste of Eutopia.

It's pretty sucky, yes, it's a five minute video.

The real one comes soon with ACTUAL video clips.

Enjoy :D

Help us get to level 2!

EutopiaAlliance, Nov 29, 10 1:58 AM.
Hey guys, we need to get up there in the top guilds, so to make Eutopia even greater go to any Alliance Master in any city and check what you can contribute to the guild, it should have a list of mats, go out and get them, contribute and we should be level 2 in no time! Thanks! :)

Eutopia's Temporary Voice Chat

EutopiaAlliance, Nov 27, 10 3:05 AM.
Seeing as how we can't get Ventrilo for a week, we have substituted by hosting a free voice server for the time being.

It may be a bit old but at least we can chat, to access it search and create an account: 
Once you have done that, download the client :

Once in the messenger click on the tab "Voice" then down the bottom click "Add" then "by searching" and type in "EutopiaSpeak"

Remember this is only temporary we should have Vent up in about a week's time.

Have fun :) <3
Eutopia's Allies
Eutopia is recruiting anyone wanting to join! For more information go to the forums...
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